How to Thrive as an Academic with Writing Challenges Related to Neurodiversity or Mental Health

taught by Dr. Daveena Tauber
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Dr. Daveena Tauber
Dr. Daveena Tauber
Writing Consultant and Professor

About the Instructor

Hello and welcome! Writing is central to how students and scholars communicate. I delight in helping academics at all stages express their research in writing that is appropriate for their fields and audiences. 

I earned my Ph.D. in English from Rutgers University and work with scholarly writers around the world. My work includes writing, consulting, giving workshops, and creating innovative digital curricula like this one.

Are you an academic writer whose writing process or product is impacted by neurodivergence (such as ADD or dyslexia) or mental health issues? Learn new strategies for working with rather than against your cognitive and affective needs. Strategize about how to advocate for yourself and mobilize a team to support you. We will also address issues of identity and self-perception and bust through myths that may be holding you back. Walk away with a packet of exercises, tools, and resources designed specifically to help you move forward successfully.

Thank you so much for your presentation. It was very useful in making me take stock of my reactions to my work and how this is impacting my written communication. Your point about “imposter syndrome” resonated with me. On one hand I am told how smart I am but I am so keenly aware of my deficits I don’t believe people when they tell me that. This then leads me to constantly question whether I am meant to be doing this work, especially when working with “smart” people who seem to find it so easy.
--Ph.D. student, University of New England, Australia

I’m really excited I discovered your blog and this workshop! It’s a rare resource for those who have these hidden disabilities which are so difficult to describe and explain to peers, friends, and families.
--“Shu” Ph.D. candidate, King’s College London

The “cognitive needs assessment” exercise was really useful. I plan to use this to help me craft a plan of action for my dissertation writing. Also it was good to have a reminder about voice dictation software and that it is fine to use it as I write my draft.
--name withheld

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