Healthy Academic Writing Habits for the Long Haul

Tackle large writing projects while preserving your sanity, sleep, and confidence | taught by Dr. Daveena Tauber
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Dr. Daveena Tauber
Dr. Daveena Tauber
Writing Consultant and Professor

About the Instructor

Hello and welcome! Writing is central to how students and scholars communicate. I delight in helping academics at all stages express their research in writing that is appropriate for their fields and audiences. 

I earned my Ph.D. in English from Rutgers University and work with scholarly writers around the world. My work includes writing, consulting, giving workshops, and creating innovative digital curricula like this one.

This course is for academic writers who want to tackle big writing projects like a thesis, dissertation, article, or book without losing sleep or sanity. Join me if you are ready to cultivate sustainable writing habits that will serve you well from your first paper to your latest book. If your last-minute, high-pressure writing strategies are not working any more, this workshop is for you. Let me teach you strategies for thinking differently about your writing challenges, transitioning into and out of writing, setting goals, and tracking your progress through each project. Recorded live, this workshop comes with exercises and great resource links to help you move forward one page at a time.

“This course really motivated me and identified some key areas to work on. I'm looking forward to putting your advice into action.”  
--Kathryn, Ph.D. student, University of Alaska

"The progress sheet and time tracking sheet are very helpful and are making me be vigilant about how I use my time. I am really appreciative." 
–Becky, Assistant Professor, University of Texas

“You helped me get over my fear of getting my butt in the chair.”
--Danielle, Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill

"What I value from this workshop are some of the generalizable writing tips, the suggestions for scheduling both writing and structured time for feedback/support. I really appreciated hearing about some of the tools/software programs that can help keep track of goals, progress, and success in writing/project management."
--Marissa, Ph.D. student, Portland State University

Course Contents

6 Videos

Course Curriculum

Unit 2: Common Sources of Writing Challenge
Unit 3: Setting Goals That Set You Up For Success
Unit 4: Start Writing
Unit 5: Continue Writing
Unit 6: Stop and Restart