Get Letters of Recommendation That Get You Accepted

taught by Dr. Daveena Tauber
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Dr. Daveena Tauber
Dr. Daveena Tauber
Writing Consultant and Professor

About the Instructor

Hello and welcome! Writing is central to how students and scholars communicate. I delight in helping academics at all stages express their research in writing that is appropriate for their fields and audiences. 

I earned my Ph.D. in English from Rutgers University and work with scholarly writers around the world. My work includes writing, consulting, giving workshops, and creating innovative digital curricula like this one.

Whether you're applying to college, graduate school, or a post-doc, letters of recommendation are a crucial aspect of your application package.

Q: But I don't get to write these letters, so do I have any influence?

A. Yes! You have more influence over your letters of recommendation than you realize.

Q: I am not sure who to ask for letters. Many of the classes I took were over a year ago. Will this class help me decide who to ask?

A: Yes! This course will teach you how to evaluate potential recommenders and prioritize them. It will also give you a few secrets about how many letters to include. Most importantly it will teach you how to avoid the two critical mistakes that can damage your change of getting a strong letter of support.

Q: I was not always a stellar student. Can you help me figure out what to do about those bad grades on my transcript?

A: Absolutely. Life happens. So do bad grades. This class will help you explain and even leverage your "bugs" into "features."

Q: Why should I take this class with you?

A: I have a unique perspective. As a professor I am asked for and frequently write letters of recommendation. In fact, how the student presents information to me makes a huge difference in my ability to write a tailored, positive letter on their behalf. And as a writing consultant, I help clients maximize their chances of admission. Getting strong letters of recommendation is an important part of that process.

Let me teach you everything I know about how you can ask for and get letters of recommendation that get you accepted!

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