Writing Remarkable Literature Reviews Self-Guided Course

taught by Dr. Daveena Tauber
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Dr. Daveena Tauber
Dr. Daveena Tauber
Writing Consultant and Professor

About the Instructor

Hello and welcome! Writing is central to how students and scholars communicate. I delight in helping academics at all stages express their research in writing that is appropriate for their fields and audiences. 

I earned my Ph.D. in English from Rutgers University and work with scholarly writers around the world. My work includes writing, consulting, giving workshops, and creating innovative digital curricula like this one.

I feel much more relaxed and in control. I'm no longer anxious about missing things and feel I'm running the literature review rather than it running me.
Master’s student, Archeology
University of Liverpool

I feel as though the literature review is the hardest portion of the thesis to write. I was struggling to synthesize the research as opposed to just making a laundry list of references/information. I now have concrete prompts I will be able to go back to time and time again to help me reflect on materials as I read.
Master’s student, Education
University of Ottowa

The biggest challenge was that I felt like each source led to five others and I was overwhelmed. The most useful aspect of this course was learning how to process the literature. I feel more confident about completing my literature review now.
Ph.D. student, Biostatistics
Ohio State University


The Writing Remarkable Reviews method will teach you how to:

  • Synthesize your sources and show how they justify your project
  • Organize your information into a thorough and cohesive chapter
  • Harness note-taking systems to avoid hours (or weeks!) of pointless re-reading
  • Develop your insights and communicate them with ease
  • Approach the writing process in a productive, stress-free way
  • Stay motivated and finish your lit review so you can achieve your degree

Included in this course:

  • 9 Online Modules explain what your committee expects and how to wow them
  • Instructional Videos explain core concepts in an approachable way
  • A 36-page downloadable workbook breaks your writing into do-able chunks
  • Suggested routines keep your work organized and manageable
  • Clever Tools make it simple to “find the gap” and “synthesize the material”
  • Veteran tips to help you avoid frustrating mistakes
  • Specialized Skills let you approach future writing tasks with confidence
  • LIFETIME ACCESS lets you fit writing development into your busy life

Course Contents

9 Videos